June 9, 2015

Pattaya commercial cleaning service

Commercial cleaning service

Pattaya Pro Cleaning also offers commercial cleaning services in Pattaya and Jomtien. Commercial cleaning is often performed outside of regular business hours and usually takes a cleaning team a couple of hours to thoroughly clean the premise. We have experience with cleaning shops, restaurants, kitchens, showrooms, warehouses and offices in a wide variety of industries. We are often hired for a deep clean when due to circumstances the location has suffered from grease and dirt build-up due to poor maintenance and cleaning.

How we plan our commercial cleaning

We understand the needs of customers who own or manage a commercial venue and schedule the appropriate cleaning procedures to comply with their requirements and possibilities. If e.g. your kitchen needs a deep cleaning, we schedule an appointment with you to estimate the time and amount of work it takes and discuss the possibilities with you. Most kitchens operate daily from early in the morning until late at night, and because of this the best time to clean is often on a weeknight after opening hours.

commercial cleaning service Pattaya

What we deliver

Our professional commercial cleaning services start with our staff. We have a team of dedicated, hard-working people available who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. As is often the case with commercial cleaning, special detergents and cleaning protocols need to be used because of the characteristics of the environment that is cleaned. For restaurants and kitchens, we make sure that any surface that comes in contact with food is rinsed thoroughly and treated with alcohol to avoid food contamination and retain the hygiene standard expected from a place of food preparation. Our staff is specifically trained and knows how to follow these protocols, and our management strictly checks that our staff follows our standard operating procedures.

Our commercial cleaning service includes:

  • Vacuum or sweep, scrub and mop floor
  • Dust, clean and decontaminate all furniture and counter tops
  • Degrease, demineralize and wipe glass windows
  • Degrease and clean airvents
  • Wash, scrub & wipe floor & tiles
  • Clean interior and exterior of appliances
  • Disinfect Bathroom
  • Remove mineral stains
  • Degrease and clean stove & hob


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